Horse Riding


We give you the opportunity to capture your precious romantic moments joining our graceful horse for one hour on the beautiful beach of Saba. The photographer will freely capture shots from every possible angle for you and your loving partner to be picture perfect

Rp. 950.000/horse


Experience riding horse along the beach while seeing the sun rises. Enjoy the morning fresh air within one and half an hour. Accompanied by friendly and cheerful groom. The riding experience will be amazing and will not be bored.

Rp. 995.000 (1,5 hour)



Explore hidden scenery and experience the thrill of gallop along the beach with our horse-back excursion along Saba Bay. After a comprehensive safety briefing from our personal guides, you’ll embark on a memorable horse-riding experience over black volcanic sands alongside the crashing waves of this pristine, seldom-visited beach, with the stark cliffs of Nusa Penida and the great volcano of Mount Agung in the background.


Adult Rp. 995.000
Children Rp. 795.000
Family   Rp. 3.220.000
*with transport 
Adult Rp. 795.000
Children Rp. 585.000
Family Rp. 2.590.000
*without transport


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